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OHSIA aligns with creative service providers who are passionate about what they do and who they serve . They aren’t concerned with what they “should” be doing but rather if they are living out their own unique calling. If you feel that your dreams have outgrown the space you’ve made for them in your business, then you’re in the right place. Through a mix of soul-led business strategy, personalized systems, monthly implementation and customizable templates, we are able to support your biggest dreams at every step in your business journey.

calling all innovators, designers, out of the box thinkers, photographers, founders and artists

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Simple systems for expansive brands -- your vision and gifts deserve to have a foundation that supports you every step of the way. From initial goals and dreams, client experience and communication to roadmaps and launch plans. Your foundation should include every single sector of your business. (After all, it's the backbone of everything that you do.) Que, The Systems Build. A personalized experience paired with systems and processes that work. 


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Lacking the time to organize your thoughts and services? We got you. Confused on where to start? No problem, we can build. Overwhelmed and disorganized? We have a solution! Wanting to charge luxury prices? Let us show you how.

With our Systems Build, you'll have the option to choose between a CRM build, Notion Business Hub or The Full Monty! (AKA our CRM, Notion bundle). 

Foundational systems matter. And you deserve to have a business that runs with ease! You know the saying, like a beautiful, well oiled machine. 


A full service partnership that pairs strategy, action and soul — you’ll have Demri as your in house strategist and project manager as well as implementation from the entire team. Meaning, your ideas, goals and day-to-day operations will be supported  from beginning to end. This is a collaborative partnership mixed with done for you services, meaning we’ll work alongside each other to create, cultivate and operate the business of your dreams. Having your back every step of the way while taking things off your plate that you simply don’t have the time, interest or bandwidth to do.

the monthly retainer

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Your one-stop-shop creative consulting retainer -- a friend, strategist, project manager and high level assistant, all wrapped into one!

Human to human check-ins because being a business owner can be hard (and lonely) af 

Personalized business strategy to create a clear path forward paired with actionable steps and roadmaps

Project management to help bring everything to life through task management, systems and operations

Implementation through a mix of creative and administrative tasks; i.e graphic design, client management, systems and automations, digital marketing, scheduling / posting, etc.

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Wishing you could have one day of total, strategic support? Then you're in the right place! Our VIP day pass is being perfected but check back soon for the goods! 


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Coming soon

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Sometimes, you need an accessible (and affordable) fix to take your business to the next level. We’ve carefully crafted our customizable and ready to use templates to be the stand-out additions to all of your business needs. From backend systems to marketing displays, our shop has you covered.

the template shop

shop templates

We created our template shop with every stage of business (and budget) in mind!

Inside the shop you'll discover designs, tools and systems that work with both Canva and Notion. Providing you with digital resources that will help your business elevate and align, on your own terms. 



Our human-first approach allows us to deeply understand and resonate with our client's individualized needs. Leaving them with a curated strategy, system and support systems that is in alignment with who they are and what their all about.



When approaching business strategy and support, we take everything into account—from your desired lifestyle to human make up. This allows us to go deeper and look into the bigger picture of how you want to evolve in all aspects of your life / business.



Taking everything into account, we help you create and execute a plan according to your needs. We don’t use a copy and paste strategy, and we'll never force things that don’t feel right. Everything that we do is meant to guide and support you in a way that makes sense for YOU and YOUR life.

How We Work


success is a direct reflection of our own PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL CLARITY.

If you're just starting out we definitely recommend our Systems Build as well as the low cost templates in our Template Shop! Although all of our services were built with every stage of business in mind. 

Not at all! We take a relational approach to virtual support which means we do a deep dive into who you are and what you're all about. By doing so, we're able to maintain your brand voice, messaging and integrity while remaining under the radar. Of course, if you want us to directly contact your clients we totally can! But that's entirely up to you. 

Human Design merges astrology and psychology to help you learn more about your personality, emotions and energy centers. More specifically, Human Design breaks down how you are wired. Leaving you with a blueprint that outlines how your soul works best in partnership, decision making, teams, parenting, etc. We aren't Human Design readers, experts or professionals but we do use HD as a guide in our own lives / business while encouraging others to do the same.

Knowing how you are wired is hands down the most important tool you can have in your toolbox. When you understand who you are and how you work, you'll be able to create a business strategy that caters to your strengths while offering support where there are weaknesses. Your business isn't your identity. But how you live your life is a reflection of your souls connection and awareness. By living in your design, you are going to feel that much more fulfilled and aligned in everything that you do while leaving space for The Universe to guide you through your unique path. 

Yes! Our books are open. Note: we typically book a few months in advance and spots are first come first serve so we definitely recommend reaching out sooner rather than later. 

High Praise

From Our Clients

Demri is a brilliant and unique light in our industry. The way she connects to other artists and helps bring them clarity and direction is to be applauded. She continually encourages others to think outside the box, and leads by example!


I mean - where can I start? OHSIA has truly saved my business. I've come to learn that systems and processes are a non-negotiable when trying to scale. And as a biz owner with big, ambitious dreams, OHSIA has helped me learn that I need to get what's in my head out on paper (or rather, Notion!) to be able to empower a team to help the business grow. I've been putting so much pressure on myself "to do it all myself", and not only have they been able to alleviate that pressure with stellar systems, processes, SOPs, etc. but they've also been there for me from a human perspective. Between the expert professionalism, genuine empathy, attention to detail, incredible customer service, and general friendliness and support - I 10/10 recommend OHSIA to every single business owner who is looking to get organized, scale, and grow their business.


"Demri Rayanne is a straight godsend!!! Before hiring her my photography business was a mess. I had no systems, no structure and no brand!! She has taken my messy thoughts, ideals, and created a voice. But not just any voice... my voice. She listened to me, she stepped into my shoes and built a roadmap that was so easy to follow." 



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