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OHSIA aligns with CEOs who are eager to wake up in the morning and start supporting their people. They aren’t concerned with what they “should” be doing but rather whether or not they are on their path to alignment. If you feel that your dreams have outgrown the space you’ve made for them in your business, then you’re in the right place. Through a mix of soul-led business strategy, aligned virtual support, and digital templates, we are able to meet and support your biggest dreams at every step in your business journey.



The Business Soulmap is our unique take on a strategy sprint. Over the course of five weeks we'll not only address and adjust your business strategy, but we'll use Human Design and goal mapping as tools to help you step into and embrace an energetic flow that works with you and for you. Because keeping who you are at the core from your business is not the move. When your business is built around your life (not the other way around), good sh*t happens baby. Real good sh*t.



The Business Soulmap will leave you with a business that is built around your soul. No more burn out, no more working overtime for a business that gives you nothing in return. Let’s spend five weeks together finding your flow and evolution. The Business Soulmap includes:

+ Four 90-minute coaching calls
       CALL 1: Soul focused business audit
       CALL 2: Goal, vision, and audience alignment
       CALL 3: Product suite adjustment & business projections
       CALL 4: Systems & strategy development
+ One 60-minute closeout call
+ Six weeks of Slack access
+ Notion client portal / templates
+ Personalized business strategy roadmap

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OHSIA approaches Virtual Assisting a little bit differently (are you surprised?). We believe in a relational approach to business that is personal, strategic and systematic. When you become a retainer client, you get full access to Demri and her entire team — a project manager, virtual assistant, and sounding board all wrapped into one. Because you deserve to run a successful business with ease.


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Our Monthly Retainer is perfect for the creative business owner who is a passionate about what they do and who they serve. -- If you enjoy spending time in your business and have a desire to evolve and expand but are overwhelmed with your current workload,  this is for you! 

As a retainer client you'll receive hands-on virtual support, a listening ear for your big ideas and project management to make your goals a reality, plus:

+ Your choice of 5 or 10 hours of support per week
+ Shared Notion client portal/workspace
+ Weekly Slack communication
+ Monthly check-in calls

*We also offer single services and custom packages


Sometimes, you just need a creative hand to take your business to the next level. We’ve carefully crafted our customizable and ready to use templates to be the stand-out additions to all of your business needs. From backend systems to marketing displays, our shop has you covered.



We created The Template Shop with every stage of business (and every budget) in mind!

We're always creating new designs, tools and systems and provide a variety of both Canva and Notion templates at an affordable price tag.

Bringing your digital resources that align and elevate.

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Our human-first approach allows us to deeply understand and resonate with a client’s individual needs. We always take the time necessary to connect personally with our clients so that we can curate a strategy specially for them.



When approaching business strategy, we take everything into account—from desired lifestyle to Human Design. This allows us to see the big picture of how you want to evolve as both a person and a CEO.



Taking everything into account, we help you create and execute a plan according to your individual needs. We don’t follow trends, and we don’t force things that don’t feel right. Everything that we do is in alignment with your highest energy.

How We Work


success goes beyond a simple strategy. sucess takes PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CLARITY.

If you're just starting out we definitely recommend The Business Soulmap along with any templates from our Template Shop! Although all of our services were built with every stage of business in mind. 

Not at all! We take a relational approach to virtual assisting which means we do a deep dive into who you are and what you're all about. By doing so, we're able to maintain your brand voice, messaging and integrity while remaining under the radar. Of course, if you want us to directly contact your clients we totally can! But that's entirely up to you. 

Human Design merges astrology and psychology to help you learn more about your personality, emotions and energy centers. More specifically, Human Design breaks down how you are wired. Leaving you with a blueprint that outlines how your soul works best in partnership, decision making, teams, parenting, etc. 

Knowing how you are wired is hands down the most important tool you can have in your toolbox. When you understand who you are and how you work, you'll be able to create a business strategy that caters to your strengths while offering support where there are weaknesses. Your business isn't your identity. But how you live your life is a reflection of your souls connection and awareness. By living in your design, you are going to feel that much more fulfilled and aligned in everything that you do while leaving space for The Universe to guide you through your unique path. 

Yes! Our books are open. Note: we typically book a few months in advance and spots are first come first serve so we definitely recommend reaching out sooner rather than later. 

High Praise

From Our Clients

Demri is a brilliant and unique light in our industry. The way she connects to other artists and helps bring them clarity and direction is to be applauded. She continually encourages others to think outside the box, and leads by example!


"Demri Rayanne is a straight godsend!!! Before hiring her my photography business was a mess. I had no systems, no structure and no brand!! She has taken my messy thoughts, ideals, and created a voice. But not just any voice... my voice. She listened to me, she stepped into my shoes and built a roadmap that was so easy to follow." 



Step into your energetic flow 

now is your time